Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Simple Delicious *4*

This is one of my favourite dish whenever I visit a restaurant but with different ingredients. Basically, the restaurant chef will prepared this dish with 'red sambal' combination of shrimp paste (belacan). I'll have to say 'red sambal' is such irresistible dish ever and its most Malaysian favourite. But I have to skip it this round cause planning to try something easy & simple with my favourite FOUR...bottle beans, eggplant / brinjal, oyster mushroom & super hot bird eye chilies. So instead of using 'red sambal', I tried a simple stir with bird eye chilies. Honestly, I can just wallop the whole lot of this with white rice.

My best tip for preparing brinjal/eggplant is best to pan fry till fragrant before cooking cause it will produce such terrific aroma for the dish.

Ingredients :
1 large brinjal, cut into bite size
50gm  bottle beans, cut small
2 large  abalone mushroom, tear into chunk shreds
2 shallots, sliced
1/2 inch  ginger, julienned
3- 4  bird eye chilies
salt & pepper to taste

Seasoning :
salt & pepper to taste
1 tspn   sweet dark soy sauce

Topping :  handful of salted fish (rinsed & fried till brown)

Method :
(1) preheat wok / frying pan with 2 TB of cooking oil, pan fry brinjal till brown & fragrant over high heat then remove from pan.
(2) add another 2 TB cooking oil to wok/frying pan, saute shallots & ginger till fragrant.
(3) now stir in chilies, bottle beans & mushroom, stir fry for a few minute till everything became tender.
(4) add in cooked brinjal and continue cooking for another 10-15 mins.
(5) finally, add in seasoning and kept stirring for another 5 mins, serve hot with salted fish.

There's actually another combination which called The Three Spicy Emperor.....with the combination of brinjal/eggplant, stink beans/petai & lady fingers. Yummm.....yummm.... My mouth is watering just by thinking of it. Hope you guys will love it too. At the same time, wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving !

Monday, November 25, 2013

Extraordinary Long Bean Mixed Rice

Yesterday, I received some home grown long beans from a friend ~ chemical free.....LOL. What not to happy ! My kids hate long beans. They don't touch even a bit of it no matter how I prepared them. With little hope, I decided to give them a shot cooking with rice. Yeap..... flavourful long bean mixed rice with dried oyster & salted fish. Yummmm...... I'm not sure if you guys have ever tried cooking your rice by combining glutinous rice before. I've tried it a number of times and I found that it is really really scrumptious. And here's the recipe from the kitchen of My Little Space.

Can these simple ingredients provide you scrumptious meal???? Trust your tongue and nose but not with your eyes.... >o<

Ingredients :
2-1/3 cups  water
1-1/2 cup  white rice
1/2 cup   glutinous rice
200gm   long beans, trimmed the end & cut small
50gm    dried shrimp, soaked
50gm    dried oyster, soaked
1 inch ginger, julienned
3  shallots , sliced

Seasoning :
1 TB  dark soy sauce (add more if you prefer darker)
2 TB  light soy sauce
1/3 tspn  salt
1/4 tspn  pepper
1/2 tspn  vegetables granule

For Topping : 100gm salted fish (rinsed & fried till golden brown)

Method :
(1) rinsed & drained both rice and set aside for 30 mins.
(2) preheat wok/frying pan with 1/3 cup cooking oil, saute ginger, shallot & dried shrimp till fragrant.
(3) next, stir in dried oyster, both rice and all the seasoning, cook everything till dry & nicely combined over low heat.
(4) transfer everything into rice cooker then add in water, let it cook till done.
(5) and not to forget, stir in long beans when rice just about to cook. Let to stand for 10-15 mins before serving.
(6) once its ready, serve rice with salted fish.

I will normally fried extra more salted fish and then bottled some up for storage which can be used at any time. There are quite a number of salted fish available at the market place but I still prefer using this kind of salted fish and the other one is 'mei xiang' salted fish. Oooo..... those 'mei xiang' salted fish reminds me of my home town famous clay pot chicken rice. Slurppp.... 

You'll be amazed by the texture of the mixed rice....soft & gluey. You definitely will craving for more. Hope you guys will have a great weekend. Enjoy !

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thai Seafood Green Curry With Chili Sauce Fried Rice

I am actually scratching my head not knowing what to prepare for my family dinner last night. The worst thing was there's not much food storage in my refrigerator lately cause I've been away too often. Hubby just won't missed a chance to leave me behind whenever he goes fishing these days. >o< However, found some leftover frozen prawns & fish fillet and some green curry paste in my fridge. Oh well..... I guess I just found us dinner. hehe..... And dig out some leftover rice as well from the rice pot which is best for making fried rice. I was thinking to make tom yum fried rice at the beginning but after further consideration, I don't think tom yum fried rice will goes well with Thai green curry. So, made up my mind making us chili sauce fried rice which tastes a bit sweet & spicy.....weird match up but quite scrumptious though.

Honestly, I simply adored this Thai green curry. The tasty & aromatic gravy just tempted me to crave for more each time. And I especially love having it with pasta (Thai green curry pasta recipe). I'm sure there are more fancy Thai green curry recipes to share with.... hopefully to find out more. >o<

And here's what I did for mine.
Ingredients for Thai Seafood Green Curry :
2 round eggplants, wedged
200gm  prawns, shelled
300gm  white fish fillet, cut into chunk size
3 kaffir leaves, sliced
5 TB  green curry paste
1 cup  water
1/2 cup  coconut milk
1 TB  sugar
2 TB  fish sauce
handful of basil leaves
salt to taste
1 large lime juice

Method :
(1)  preheat frying pan or wok with 2 TB cooking oil, pan fried eggplants till tender & fragrant  Note: less oil for cooking eggplant gives better result. Set aside.
(2) for making green curry gravy, please refer here. Saute prawns & cooked eggplants together with green curry paste and follow the rest of the process after that. Then only add in fish fillet when the gravy is almost ready and let to cook for 10 mins before serving.

Ingredients for Chili Sauce Rice :
4 cups  cooked rice
2/3 cup  chili sauce, any brand
salt & pepper to taste
cooking oil

Method :
(1)  preheat frying pan with 3TB cooking oil over medium heat, then stir in chili sauce and salt & pepper.
(2) add in rice and stir the mixture till well combined.
(3) off the heat and prepare for serving.

*Note : I personally prefer Thai style chili sauce (from 'Life' branding) which is more tasty & addictive.

Preparation for Omelette :
Prepare two(2) beaten eggs. Preheat a frying pan with a dash of cooking oil over medium heat. Pour in beaten eggs and let to flow throughout the pan till thin & nice. Remove omelette once its cooked or set.

Preparation for wrapping the rice :
Place omelette to a rice bowl then fill in the bowl with chili sauce fried rice. Slightly press down the rice to make it firm & nice. Then cover rice with the overflow omelette. Finally, place rice by up side down to a serving plate....and serving it with Thai seafood green curry.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Twisted Danish Pastry With Cream Cheese Custard

I found this bread dough recipe from BBC Food Blog by Paul Hollywood. I knew this would be something that I shouldn't miss out. I have yet tried out any savory danish so far and the BBC one is definitely tempted me to make more after this. And I'm already planning for one now for my upcoming post. hehe....

And here's what I did.
Ingredients for Danish Dough :
500gm  bread flour
4 TB  sugar
1 TB  yeast
260ml   milk
1 egg (do not beat)
1-1/2 tspn  salt

*250gm  margarine (Planta brand)

Method :
(1) combine flour, sugar, yeast into a big mixing bowl and mix well.
(2) stir in milk & egg to form a soft dough then mix in salt till combined.
(3) leave dough to rest for an hour or till double in size.
(4) punch dough to release air and knead till smooth, keep dough into a large plastic bag and nicely sealed.
(5) now, keep dough refrigerated for at least 2-3 hours or till dough became really chilled or you may keep into freezer for an hour or so. This to slow down the dough from fermentation and its much easier for the folding session.
(6) once dough its ready, place it to a floured working table and roll dough into 12x24" size.
(7) spread on margarine to half of the flatten dough then cover with the other half and make sure its nicely sealed.
(8) for further folding, please refer here.
(9) finally, keep refrigerated for about 1-2 hours before used.

Ingredients for cream cheese custard :
250gm  cream cheese, softened
180gm  sugar
1 lime juice & rinds
2 eggs

Method :
(1) beat cream cheese & sugar till creamy.
(2) stir in lime juice, lime rinds and eggs then beat till combined.
(3) cook mixture over double boiler till thickened.
(4) cool custard before used.

Ingredients for sugar frosting :
1 cup icing sugar
2 tspn  lime juice & rinds
(combine everything & mix well then drizzle to pastry)
* 1/2 cup of fruit jam for topping

(1) roll dough into 12x24" size then cut into 10 portions from the longer side.
(2) carefully twist each dough then roll into circle and press to center.
(3) leave twisted dough to slightly grease baking tray for about 30 mins or till double in size.
(4) brush with egg glazing then fill center with cream cheese custard and top with any jam as desired.
(5) finally, bake at preheated oven 190'C for about 25 min or till golden brown.
(6) cooled then decorate the top with lime flavour sugar frosting.

How could you say NO to this delicious looking pastry ! But still not really satisfied with the margarine. I guess its time to try it out with real butter. After all, the cream cheese filling is an awesome combo. it so much !
I'm sending this to Yeastspotting @ Wild Yeast Blog.
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