Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Beard Papa's Cream Puff

Have anyone heard of Beard Papa's cream puff before? ME ! I've only seen it on the web site. And found out there's actually a few Beard Papa's outlets at some of the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia. I have yet tried anything from any of the shops but already drooling after went through the menu, click to see Are you salivating too???? haha.... So many varieties to choose from  The menu looks truly mouthwatering, isn't it? And I knew I got to make some. So, here's my homemade version of Beard Papa's cookie crust puff.

Ingredients for Choux Pastry :
100ml  water
100ml  milk
100gm  butter
a pinch of salt
1 tspn  sugar

120gm   all purpose flour

3-4 eggs, lightly beaten

Method :
(1) bring ingredients (A) to boil then remove from heat.
(2) stir in flour and mix to well over low heat till you get a dough ball.
(3) now, transfer dough ball to a big plastic bowl & let dough cool for 5 mins, then stir in egg one at a time by using a wooden or plastic spoon. Keep stirring untill you get the right consistency. (not too firm nor too runny). You don't have to use up all the eggs.
(4) fill mixture into pipping bag and pipe into small dough to baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
(5) cut cookie dough into small pieces and flatten by pressing between a plastic sheet, then place onto choux batter.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 195-200'C for about 20 mins or till nicely puffed up & brown.
(7) cooled and cut open the pastry then fill in the cream.
* (you may also refer some other recipe from here or here)

Ingredients for top Cookie Crust :
60gm  butter, at room temperature
60gm  sugar / brown sugar
80gm  all purpose flour
1-1/2 tspn  cinnamon powder
(cream butter & sugar till combined then stir in flour & cinnamon to form a dough, wrap with plastic sheet then keep refrigerated for 30 mins before used)

Ingredients for Dulce De Leche Cream :
one French Butter cream recipe
1/2 cup  homemade dulce de leche cream
(combine everything and beat to mix well, then fill into pipping bag & ready to use)

Oooo.....Nothing better than enjoying these with a cup of coffee. The French cream works very well with these little puffs. I actually prefer cream than custard for fillings. I think it's a better combination. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy & have fun.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lemon Lime Hokkaido Sponge Cake

After my little creaming project, I can finally test out the cream on some of the bake goods and one of it was the delicious Hokkaido sponge cake. Hokkaido cake recipe already in my list to do for too long and I felt guilty for not getting it done any sooner. So finally made this 2 days before Chop Goh Meh, the final day of the Chinese New Year celebration and also the Chinese Valentine's Day. Yeap, the Asian Valentine's Day ! :o) I'm sure these cakes will lighten up the day.

Ingredients for Sponge :
5  egg yolk
160gm  sugar
(or substitute with 8 tspn NuStevia Sweetener)
1/2 tspn  salt
1/2 cup corn oil
1 tspn  Lemon flavoured~NuStevia
1 lime zest
1 lemon zest

(B) 1 cup milk

(C) 250gm  hong kong flour/superfine flour
       1 TB  baking powder

8 egg whites ( roughly 260gm-280gm)
1/2 tspn  cream of tartar (or can substiture with vinegar or lemon juice)

Method :
(1) beat ingredients (A) till pale and creamy, then beat in milk & mixture (C) alternately till everything well combined. Set aside.
(2) now, in separate bowl beat ingredients (D) till peak foam.
(3) fold beaten egg white into mixture (A+B+C) in 3 batches, till everything combined.
(4) best to use a pipping bag for spreading the batter to separate paper cups,  80% full of 22-24 cups.
(5) finally, bake at preheated oven 170'C for about 20 mins.
(6) cool on wire rack then make a hole in the center by using a chopstick.
(7) simply pipe in some cream the follow by blueberry sauce and then top with more cream.

Ingredients for Lemon Lime Cream :
one Italian butter cream recipe
2 tspn  Lemon flavoured~NuStevia
2 tspn   Lime juice
(combine everything and beat to mix well)

*some blueberry sauce / jam for fillings

Oh yeah, I almost left out one very important statement here. It's about the cream! The CREAM turned out perfect. It stands so well and can last at least for 2 days without even being kept in the refrigerator. And no  problem with long distance delivery anymore. Kudos ! Clap...clap...clap.... Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Italian & French Butter Cream Or Swiss Meringue Cream

During the Chinese New Year, I've taken 2 weeks time off work and have started my own little project since after the Chinese New Year trip. I'm glad I've finally made it. On this little project, I've learned the differences between the Italian cream, French cream and Swiss meringue cream. I am actually having some problem dueling with the store bought whipping cream, non-dairy or dairy especially for long distance delivery. It can't stand for long unless you've a good storage box for it. And here comes the perfect cream to solve the problem.

Italian butter cream is prepared by adding the hot syrup which by heating sugar & water till dissolved, to egg whites whipped to peak foam.

Firstly, beat egg white till peak foam then set aside. Next, heat sugar and water till dissolved then slowly stir hot syrup into whipped egg white bit by bit. Continue beating the egg white till everything completed. The mixture will became lukewarm. The hot syrup will helps to cook the egg white which is good.

Ingredients :
3 egg white
200gm  sugar
60ml  water
300gm cold butter, chopped
*1 TB vanilla extract or any other flavouring as desired
a pinch of salt, optional

Next, add in cold butter little by little and continue beating the egg white mixture till everything completed.

The mixture will look something like this at the beginning. Don't worried ! Just continue beating the mixture for another couple of minutes and it will set & turn to smooth & creamy butter cream. You may reduce the butter for lighter cream. But the cream stands better and longer by using more butter.

*Tips : if the mixture is still too runny, whisk in an extra 40-50gm of butter. The quantity of syrup may reduce  rapidly if you're using a common steel pot for cooking. Of coz, there will be a deference when you're using a non-stick pot. Try to cook an extra few minutes to get thicker syrup when you're a non-stick pot.

Swiss meringue butter cream is prepared by cooking egg white & sugar in a bowl over a pot of boiling water without touching the water. Stir egg white gradually while heating, till it begins bubbling and turned foamy. Then quickly remove from heat and transfer the mixture to another bowl, continue beating till the egg white became peak foam. Add in butter little by little till everything completed and continue beating till the mixture became smooth & creamy. It looks almost the same as the Italian butter cream but softer due to less butter is used.

Ingredients :
3 egg whites
180gm  sugar
200gm  cold butter, chopped
*1 TB vanilla extract or any flavouring as desired
a pinch of salt, optional

French butter cream is also prepared the same way as the Italian butter cream by adding hot syrup to beaten eggs, except that French cream uses egg yolk instead of egg white. And it looks more to custard like cream compare to meringue butter cream.

Firstly, beat egg yolk till pale & light then set aside. Next, heat sugar and water till dissolved then slowly stir hot syrup into beaten egg yolk bit by bit. Continue beating the egg white till everything completed. The mixture will became lukewarm. The hot syrup will helps to cook the egg yolk which is good.

Ingredients :
3 egg yolk

180gm  sugar
3 TB  water
230gm  cold butter, chopped
*1 TB vanilla extract or any flavouring as desired
a pinch of salt, optional

Next, add in cold butter little by little and continue beating the mixture till everything completed.

The mixture will became smooth & creamy and quite yellowish compare to meringue butter cream. Yet beautiful.

Well, did you notice the differences between the two cream? The French butter cream looks yellowish and  very much similar to Bavarian cream but Bavarian cream uses more egg yolk & gelatine. So finally, another mission accomplished ! Clap..clap...clap.... :o)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prosperity Taro Balls

Seafood & chicken meat are mostly used in my daily cooking cause there's NO PIG in the house. haha... Oh well, not because we can't take pork or anything.......just that my family doesn't like it and also most red meat. So, it gives me no choice. As always, I need to come out with something yummy during this time of the year with just limited ingredients. And also something my kids would enjoy. So...not waiting for long. Here's the lovely dish of my prosperity taro balls.

I prepared quite a large batch of the fish paste mixture from the last recipe and purposely use it on this. So, there's not much wastage. And even stored up another batch for some other recipes as well.

So, here's what I did.
Ingredients :
1 small taro, skinned & grated
salt & pepper to taste
1 tspn  chinese five spice powder
3 TB  glutinous rice flour

*1 beaten egg for coating

Ingredients for filling :
200gm  homemade fish paste
200gm  shrimp / prawns, minced
1/2 cup  water chestnut, chopped
1/3 cup  carrot, chopped
handful of cilantro, chopped
salt & pepper to taste
3 TB  wheat starch
(combine everything and mix well, set aside)

Method :
(1) marinade grated taro with salt & pepper, spices and glutinous rice flour for about an hour or till softened.
(2) for preparation, spoon filling into size as desired then coat with beaten egg.
(3) wrap meat filling with grated taro nicely and set aside till everything completed.
(4) then fry over medium heat till golden brown.

Whoever has taken fried shredded taro before surely know how it would taste like ! Fried taro itself already very very tasty and aromatic.....what if an additional seafood bowl wrapping inside the fried taro ! Can you imagine the taste? Last year, I have made fried grated taro with prawns and it turned out really delicious. And this year is another successful job. Hope you guys will like it too.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fire Cracker To Die For

Wow...hooo... are you still in the Chinese New Year mood ? Yeah, I am and I'm feeling pretty good cause last weekend I could finally spent time in my own kitchen. After came back from a long Chinese New Year trip, I managed to get a nice & fresh spotted mackerel at the local wet market to make myself some fish paste. I made it every Chinese New Year and also on special occasion. I often use it on stuffed beancurd ("yong tofu") and sometimes I would love to use it on some other special dishes. Right ! Just like the one here.... eatable fire cracker ! Doesn't it look much fun ?

And here's what I did.
Ingredients :
150gm  homemade fish paste
150gm  shrimps / prawns, minced
1/2 cup   water chestnut, chopped
1/3 cup  carrot, chopped
 handful of cilantro, chopped
1 TB  wheat starch
salt & pepper to taste

*one packet of phyllo sheet / popiah sheet (small size)

Method :
(1) place all ingredients into a big bowl and mix to combine.
(2) spread a teaspoon of the mixture to phyllo sheet, wrap & sealed nicely with some egg white.
(3) then fry till golden brown.
(4) finally, decorate it onto a plate with chili sauce & mayonnaise.

It's best not to wrap the spring roll overly big....finger length would be fine. Otherwise, it won't be able to fit to any dinning plate. *wink*

Be very careful with your first'll get'll want more...& more....& MORE.... So, don't blame me for this ! You've been warned. :o)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Bitter Sweet Valentine's Day

You know what? Since my boss is always delaying her post and too busy to write something and even hardly post anything these days. Guess, I have to take over the computer today. E~hemmmm... here, this is ME ! WHERE ? Here...right here in the picture ! Can you imagine when life without ME ? It's a total disaster, of coz.....especially during this special...... Valentine's Day ! is in the air again huh. It means you need two persons get together and fell in love. Sounds just like ME ! LOOK....I too need two to make it one and my heart filled with sweet & sour and even bitter sweet in some way. Doesn't it sounded just like what a life supposed to be? But I think I have more than what you looking for. Now, are you drooling just by looking at ME......half naked here huh ! Weee...wee....

"HEY hey HEY....You !" "What are you doing?""Excuse me, are you trying to take over my computer here?" OK Ok enough of those nonsense. You better behave ! Phewwwww..... I would like to apologize for the delay guys but glad I still make it today.

Ingredients for Meringue Crust :
5 egg white ( roughly 150-165gm)
170gm  white sugar (add in 1/8 tspn cream of tartar)
130gm   icing sugar
1 TB  dark cocoa powder
1 TB  semi sweet cocoa powder

*1 cup  whipping cream (non-daily), whipped
   1 cup  blueberry sauce

Ingredients for chocolate sauce :
3 TB  heavy cream
60gm  chocolate, sliced
(warm the cream without boiling it, remove from heat then add in sliced chocolate and stir till everything melted, pour mixture into pipping bag & set aside to cool)

Method :
(1) bring a pot of water to boil then remove from heat.
(2) place egg white to a steel pot and let pot sitting above the hot water without touching the hot water, the egg white may get cooked if too hot. This method is to help to stabilize the egg white.
*There are actually two ways of making the meringue. Italian meringue & French meringue.
(3) beat egg white till foamy then add in white sugar bit by bit each time and continue beating till the texture turns glossy and ribbon like.

(4) now, remove beaten egg white from hot pot and continue whisking by adding in icing sugar. The meringue will look stiff and nice by then.

(5) only then simply fold in both cocoa powder and hand fold the mixture till everything well combined.
*Do not mix cocoa powder by using a beater.
(6) fill batter into pipping bag and then pipe it onto 3 different baking tray lined with parchment paper.
*Always spread on some butter below the parchment paper when baking meringue, it helps to release the meringue easily without cracking the crust.

*I spread my meringue into 6 pieces by the size of 4x8" each. It turned out just great.
(7) finally bake at preheated oven 120'C for about 90 mins, extend the time if the size is bigger. Make sure the crust is hard enough and the whole thing is cooked before removing it from oven.

(8) cooled for 10 mins before removing the meringue from parchment paper. Handle with care please ! :o)

Use one slice of meringue as a base then spread on whipped cream, follow by chocolate sauce then add on some blueberry sauce, finally cover with another slice of meringue. Simply decorate the top layer with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce and I have added on some of my special homemade Royce' chocolate.

Anyway, wishing all a very Happy Belated Valentine's Day ! I'm sure you all had a fantastic night out. And hope you're going to have a great weekend at the same. Blessings..... with ((hugs)) & kisses.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gong Xi Fat Cai With Homemade Royce' Chocolate

Hi everyone..... I can't believe I finally managed to post this up a day just before Chinese New Year. Gosh, you have no idea how much I missed you all. Life has been extremely hectic as I mentioned again and again. I wish I could blog more often. However, this year I didn't managed to send out Chinese New Year cards and I apologize for that. Honestly, the only task I managed to finish till this evening was to prepare all the giveaway gifts for friends around. As I said I've failed to make any cookies this year, so I made something else. Something expensive & classy and of coz....quick & simple ! :o)  Yeap.... it's Nama Chococlate. Nama Chocolate is actually a product of Japan and Royce' is the manufacturing company which produces this special goodies. Check out the products here, you'll be amazed.

Amd here's what I did.
(recipe adapted to here)
Ingredients :
200ml   heavy cream
200gm  compound dark chocolate
200gm  semi sweet chocolate
2TB   Brandy or any liqueur

*1 cup cocoa powder for coating
(I triple the recipe)

Method :
(1) cut chocolate nicely thin & small, it melts faster.
(2) heat heavy cream till almost reaches a boil but not bubbling.
(3) now, place all the chocolate into hot cream and stir continuously till every single piece of it melts completely.
(4) next, add in liqueur and mix well.
(5) finally, pour mixture to a 8x8" tray lined with parchment paper & cool to room temperature, then keep refrigerated overnight or till set.
(6) when ready, cut it small and coat chocolate with cocoa powder and serve. Best to use a warm knife for cutting.

Caution : the chocolate will turn soft after sometime, make sure to keep it refrigerated when it turns soft or when you have difficulties in cutting it.

No doubt, this is so so so delicious. My kids love it while I enjoy the softness of the texture itself so much.  It surely kicks up my taste buds. Will never stop at

Everything is nicely packed in separate boxes which I bought yesterday specially for this. I sent out most of the chocolate and only left a few for my family. Ahhhh....finally, I can sleep tight tonight. Task accomplished ! Yay...yay..... And tomorrow it's going to be a loooooong day. Definitely a lot of cooking need to be done when I reached my parent in law's place. So, I better get some rest and before that..... not forgetting to wish all my readers a very Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fat Cai. May it be a blessed one.

祝大家 : 新年快乐 身体健康 事事如意
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