Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tea Smoked Chicken 茶叶熏鸡

I've been eyeing this tea smoked chicken long long time ago and have yet decided which is the best method to prepare this special dish. Tea smoked chicken is quite popular in China & Taiwan, and red tea leaf for instant long jing, tie guan ying, Oolong are most commonly used on this recipe. Click to check on tea leaf. The word "smoked" already very challenging when you don't have such particular tooling. After scrolling through some Chinese site, finally, I came to my final decision. And here's what I did. Please read on for more.

Ingredients  :
1 whole free range chicken (round 1.3kg)
1 TB   salt
2 tspn   sichuan pepper

First step
Toast 1 tablespoon salt together with 2 tspn of sichuan pepper till fragrant then leave cool.
Pound to break the peppers and marinade salt & sichuan pepper to the chicken, leave  over night.
The next morning leave chicken to cool at room temperature then steam for 20 minutes over high heat.
Once its done, leave to cool.

Ingredients for tea smoked :
1/2 cup  rice
1/2 cup  brown sugar + 1 TB sugar
1/2 cup  dried tea leaves
1 TB  salt
2  large aluminium sheet

Second Step
Bind 2 sheet of aluminium to form one large sheet then fold into half. Sealed one side of the sheet.
Now,  spread rice, sugar, salt & tea leave over the bottom of the sheet as shown in picture.

Next, place a steel rack over the rice & sugar mixture, and then leave steamed chicken on the rack.

Finally,  seal all edges of the sheet and making sure there's no leakage.

This is how the smoked infuse parcel looks like after sealed.
Next, baked the parcel over preheated oven at 210'C for 20-30 minutes.
Once its done, transfer chicken to a serving plate and serve.
The chicken should look very moist at this stage but I prefer crispy skin, so what I did is to bake the chicken for another 15 minutes at 220'C, with an open sheet.

It actually works pretty good. I personally prefer using an oven than wok for such kind of preparation. Less messy!  The chicken really unique with the tea infused flavour plus crispy skin. Double goodness I should say ! Hope you guys will love it too.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nasi Kerabu Kelantan 吉蘭丹藍花飯

Guess what ! Finally, I got to taste nasi kerabu Kelantan during my previous trip to Kelantan. I was actually in Kelantan to help my girl to do some shifting a few weeks back. She's temporary moving home for out campus project and will be going back to Uni on next January. There's still one more shifting task need to be done in another 2 months time. Hopefully, everything works out according to plan ! Keep my fingers cross. But before that, I have to introduce my new discovery during my previous stay in Kelantan. Yes, its their nasi kerabu. I skipped the spicy gravy this round on my recipe (click for nasi kerabu Terengganu) but used the sweet red chili sauce instead. And。。。BINGO ! So, here's what I did. Please read on for more.

This is my blue pea flower water. I still think its not dark enough for the rice. Not sure if the fresh ones will work better !

Ingredients :for blue pea rice :
2 cups   rice, rinsed
2 cups   water
30 pcs  dried blue pea flower
1 stalk   lemongrass
1"  ginger, chopped

Method :
Soaked blue pea flower into 1 cup warm water for 20 minutes then drain. Now, mix together rice, ginger, lemongrass, blue pea water and the remaining water. Let rice soaked for 15 minutes. Finally, cook with rice cooker till done.

Ingredients for kerisik kelapa / tasty toasted coconut :
2 cups   grated young coconut
3  TB   brown sugar
1 tspn  salt

Method :
Toast coconut till brown & fragrant. It takes about 20 minutes & make sure stir gradually, not to burn it.
Finally,  of the heat and mix in the remaining ingredients till cooperated. Next, pound the toasted coconut till oil start to excrete from coconut.

Ingredients for Ulam sayur (salad) :
1/2  small cabbage
1 pce   turmeric leaf
a handful of cilantro
1 pce  bunga kantan, use only petal

Method :  Slice everything thinly and then mix well.

For ikan kembung / Mackerel, just fry till golden brown. Leave to cool then tear the meat apart into small chunks. Its ready to serve.

Ingredients for sweet chili sauce:
5   red chilies, sliced
3/4 cup  Thai chili sweet sauce (Imported) (click to check)
3 TB   fish sauce
5 TB   calamansi juice/ lime juice
2 TB   sugar

Method :  
Grind red chilies into chunk pieces then combine everything together and mix well. Ready to serve.

 This is exactly how the salad taste and looks like when I'm having my nasi kerabu at Kelantan previously. The salad became so addictive after mixing up with this special sweet red chili sauce. Its definitely a new discovery.

I bought these fish crackers from Kuantan. Its getting really pricy these days.

This is how you start your nasi kerabu..... press to break the crackers into small pieces.

Now, mix everything up on the plate and serve. I love an extra sweet chili sauce on mine plus some fried toufu and chicken pop for my kids. Finally, found my favourite nasi kerabu recipe. Loving it ! It suddenly worth the effort. Hope you guys will love it too.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Herman Streusel Coffee Cake 赫爾曼脆皮奶酥茶点

This is an easy bitsy streusel cake you can bake at anytime for an afternoon tea. Has anyone told you that SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL !  Another recipe working with my Herman starter. I'm sure Herman starter group members can easily prepare this simple recipe for a start. So, here's what I did.

To activate the Herman culture by mixing the following ingredients 3 hours before working on dough.
**1/2 cup Herman starter + 1/1 cup  all purpose flour + 1/2 cup milk + 1/3 cup  sugar

Ingredients for cake :
1 cup  Herman starter
1 cup all purpose flour
1 tspn  baking soda
1/2 tspn   cinnamon powder
1/2 tspn  salt
1/2 cup  sugar
1 large egg
1/3 cup  corn oil

Ingredients for streusel topping :
1/2 cup  all purpose flour
1/4 cup  brown sugar
1 tspn   cinnamon powder
50gm   butter, chopped

Method :
(1)  mix together struesel topping then rubbing butter in with your fingers till mixture became crumbly and be able to stick together when you press it. Keep refrigerated.
(2)  combine flour, baking soda, sugar, salt & cinnamon powder and mix well then stir in Herman starter, egg and oil till stick paste is formed.
(3)  pour batter to a 9x9" tray lined with parchment paper then sprinkle chilled crumb evenly over the batter.
(4)  Let cake rest for 30 minutes in a the oven, finally, bake at preheated oven 180-185'C for about 35 minutes or till set.

The cake turns out nice & fluffy. An extra whipped cream should be perfect !

Did you notice air bubbles inside the cake ?  That means my Herman starter is doing its job. Well done baby ! Happy baking everyone.
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